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The GEGEGAY Dream Tour

Tokyo Gegegay

Event Period:
Monday, July 19 - Saturday, July 31

Live Concert:
Sunday, August 1, 11:00 AM, 6:00PM, 11:00PM
*All times listed are in Japan Standard Time

Concert Live Theme: Inclusive

Tokyo Gegegay will be the headliners of the Pegasus Avatar GALA Party. In their RPG story, the members—who are extreme lovers of music and dance—believe that if they could forcibly overrun Pegasus City and make it their own, it could become an even better place for them and freer. They come up with a strategy to call on all the player avatars, or "Mines" of Pegasus City to obey their command. Will the players allow them to do this? Only time will tell!

“We’re going to hold a virtual concert inside of this Gegega-me!
Don’t miss out on checking out the cute avatars they made for us!”
(Tokyo Gegegay)

Tokyo Gegegay Profile

Leader MIKEY and members BOW, MARIE, MIKU, and YUYU came together to form this artist group after their appearance in the DANCE@HERO JAPAN 5th SEASON dance contest on Japanese TV show DANCE@TV.
The group’s 2017 music video “Gegegay no Kitaro“ has reached 33 million views on YouTube, and their account boasts a total view count exceeding 100 million.
HEART, the image song for the BOAT RACE 2020 TV commercial, is recorded on Tokyo Gegegay’s 4th album, Kiteretsu Mental World, which ranked at number 3 on the Oricon Daily Album Chart in Japan.
Their recent activities include their appearance in the title sequence of the new TV series Haken no Hinkaku (Nippon TV). Tokyo Gegegay can do so much more than just dance, and we look forward to seeing them continue to take Japan by storm in true “Kiteretsu Mental World“-style.

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Tokyo Gegegay

The GEGEGAY Dream Tour


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Experience futuristic RPG-like live concerts!

Not only will there be live concerts to enjoy, but also RPG-style stories leading up to the actual day of the virtual live performance.
For approximately 2 weeks between the start of each event and the day of the live concert, players can help build the concert venue for each artist by playing minigames.

New interactive experiences await players, such as call-and-response emotes (for a greater sense of unity during the live concert), and a backstory whose climax involves both the artists and fans to join forces and prevent the concerts from being annihilated.

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